Importance Of Zakat In Islam

Importance Of Zakat In Islam

Zakat is the Pillar of Islam. There are five pillars of Islam and this is the third pillar. It is a certain portion of the wealth which is donated to Islam. The Importance Of Zakat In Islam is very high. Zakat is a form of worship for the Muslims all over the World. It completely depends on income and the value of possession.

The Vital Role of Zakat in Islam:

Zakat plays a very vital role in Islam. When you pay zakat to the Orphans, it not only purifies your wealth but is also very helpful for the poor and needy. If you give a portion of the money to the needy, Allah blesses you with more money.

Zakat is not obligatory for every Muslim. It is obligatory for the persons who earn above a limit which is decided for the Zakat. Make sure you should give away 2.5 % of your wealth as Zakat.

Paying Zakat is essential for the Muslims who are eligible for Zakat and also have Gold, Silver, and money according to the criteria or Nisab. Before giving Zakat you should research the people and give the people who are eligible for the Zakat.

Always give Zakat to the people who do not have wealth or land and also earn below the threshold. Find the people who match the criteria. On the other hand, you can give Zakat to an organization that supports orphanages and old homes.

Who are the recipients of Zakat?

If you are asking about the recipients of Zakat. Then I am going to tell you about them.

  1. Poors and needy
  2. Slaves
  3. Debt individuals
  4. Struggling Muslim converts
  5. Stranded travellers
  6. Soldiers fighting to protect Muslims

Rules Of Zakat:

Here are some rules for Zakat. The very main thing for the Zakat recipient is eligibility. Do not give Zakat to a person who is not eligible for taking Zakat. Some examples of these people are your parents, Grandparents, children, and spouse. These are people who relate to you deeply and you did not give them zakat.

Another rule for Zakat donation is that if you have wealth according to the Nisab then Zakat is obligatory for you. On the other hand, you do not pay Zakat. Now I am going to tell you about the Nisab.

The Nisab for Gold is 87.48 grams and 612.36 grams of silver. And wealth is above the threshold that is given in the form of gold and silver in cash or the bank. Then you have to pay by 2.5% portion for the purity and helping the needy people.

As Allah (SWT) tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah”

Qur’an 2:110

Reasons for the importance of Zakat:

Here are some reasons for the importance of Zakat are given:

  1. Every Muslim should fulfill the Pillars of Islam. Every pillar has its importance but the Zakat is important for the overall whole World. Christians also pay Zakat according to their beliefs, they pay 1/10 percent of their money to the Church.
  2. It increases their closeness to Iman and Allah. As it is a way to worship Allah almighty.
  3. It can purify your wealth and make almost double if you share this money with the people who deserve it.
  4. Make sure to redistribute the wealth. It is also an important point.
  5. It gives our Muslim sisters and brothers relief from the suffering of life and clears their hardships.


What is the essence of Zakat in Islam?

In Islam, Zakat not only performs the financial duty. But it is also a way to cleanse one’s wealth and support the well-being of society. Make sure that the poor and needy are happy with you.

What is the ethical significance of zakat?

The main goal of Zakat is the spiritual and religious for Muslims. Its social and economic aspects come after the spiritual and religious. It helps people to feel connected to others in the society. It encourages them to give for their well-being.

What are the religious benefits of zakat?

In Islam, wealth is known as a gift from Allah. It purifies your wealth through Zakat. It is not just about money it’s a way to show them thankful and not show off. This act also helps in cleaning the heart of greed and encourages selflessness towards others.

What are the social benefits of Zakat in Islam?

There are many social benefits of Zakat in Islam. It brings the rich and poor closer to each other. Zakat encourages giving, and discourages greed. Moreover, it also raises awareness about real issues.


Zakat has vital importance in Islam and also in society. Allah and the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad both describe the importance of Zakat. We should pay Zakat if our wealth is above or equal to the Nisab mentioned. Paying Zakat is our moral responsibility.

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