Oprhan care Donation Process

Let Us Get You Through How Donation Is Collected And How   We Send 100% Of Your Charity Alongwith the 25% From The Government.

Donation Collected By Donor

Let us get an example ; If a person pays $100 to our organization it s straightly sent to the bank with the actual amount collected i.e $100.

Bank Transfer And Evaluation

The collected amount is then sent to the bank where it is evaluated and as said if a person pays $100 then Government pays us 25% of each donation which then the donated amount becomes $125 which was $100.

OrphanCare Family

With your donation after putting so much trust on us the 100% amount is fully sent to OrphanCare childrens.

Final Step
Staff Managment And Expenses

You might be wondering that if the donated amount as well as the 25% percent paid by government is utilized 100% for only on charity then how staff managment and all the expenses are managed. The answer is quite simple and straight that the CEO of this organization has number of rental properties from where the expenses are managed.