Zakat For Orphan

Zakat For Orphan

Zakat is a process to pure the wealth that you are holding. This is the best way to pure your wealth from any evil work. Here I will give a comprehensive guide on Zakat For Orphan. If you want to learn then you should visit the article.

Zakat a Vital Pillar Of Islam:

Zakat is an important pillar of Islam, Muslims need to pay Zakat, as it can purify their wealth. Here I have Verses of the Holy Quran to explain the importance to Muslims.

“Zakat is a way of cleansing your wealth by giving a portion to help those in need, specifically those who qualify under eight categories mentioned in the Quran (9:60).”

  1. Poors
  2. Needy
  3. Collectors of Zakat
  4. Who has the agreements (Muslims and their communities)
  5. Slaves
  6. The Debt-Ridden
  7. In The Cause Of God
  8. Wayfarer ( The people who are traveling with less resources)

Every child in this World deserves a better life. You should donate zakat to those people who are poor and needy. Your money can be a chance of pleasure for them. Children without parents are like flowers without gardeners. You should have to be their gardener.

Facts about Orphans to give them zakat:

Here I am going to tell you some facts about orphans that force you to give them Zakat. I hope these facts are useful to you.

  • Almost all orphans are poor.
  • Orphans do not go to school.
  • Orphans are very stressed and suffer from PTSD as they see their parents sick and passing away.
  • They lost their belonging, friends, and homes.
  • They suffer from food insecurity which is the cause of illness.
  • Mostly orphans are forced into child labor.
  • Living in streets.
  • Most probably they lost the sense of wearing clothes and manners.
  • People do not give them respect after their parents.
  • They are completely cut off from their past luxuries.

Here are other verses of the Quran

“Be good to orphans and the needy. Speak nicely to people. And help the poor.”

The Quran 02:83

How Zakat Donation changes the lives of Orphans:

There are almost 153 million + orphans in the World. They are suffering from many problems and are waiting for your money to aid. Most of them are suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and many types of other stress.

It is the moral duty of Muslims to take care and look after the orphans. When you are going to help an orphan kid you can almost change his/her life. Maybe it is not a big deal for you, but it does not only give you inner satisfaction but it can increase your value to Allah Almighty.

If you feed the poor and needy, Allah almighty will bless you with more and more. Make sure to donate your money to Zakat. Through this action, many needy can get food, shelter, educational needs, and many other daily life needs.

Do orphans who have wealth qualify for Zakat?

The answer to this question is No! Because the majority of Muslims do not recommend giving zakat to orphans who have wealth. This is a general charity from your wealth which purifies your wealth and makes it more profitable for you.

Moreover, there are very few orphans who are wealthy enough to pay Zakat among the estimated 400 million fatherless children worldwide. Muslims must use our Zakat and donations to sponsor orphans. As our Holy Prophet encourages us to join him in Paradise through these acts of kindness to these children.


Can I give Zakat to an orphan?

Yes! You can give Zakat to help orphaned children during Ramadan or at any time of the year. You will be appreciated for the donation. This donation is also used to support these children’s needs. So you should give them zakat and make your money double because Allah will bless you more and more.

Is it allowed to give money to orphans in Islam?

The charity saves us from the hardships coming towards us. It can provide shade on our heads on Judgement Day when everyone is waiting for the shade. It brings Allah’s blessing to you. Whenever you are going to sponsor an orphan, it brings immense blessing for you.

What are the rules of Islam for orphans?

The rule of Islam for orphans is to be kind and supportive of orphans. Fulfill their daily needs and provide them with basic facilities that every child wants. Make sure they receive kind and good treatment with protection in society.

Who is not eligible for Zakat?

The people who hold wealth are not eligible for Zakat. Please do proper research on whether a person who is taking Zakat is eligible or not. It may not be snatching the rights of other needy people. If you do not perform proper research, it may be bad for you to not help needy people who are waiting for your help. Make sure to do not to give zakat to your parents, children, and grandparents, these are not eligible for Zakat.


Whenever you are going to pay zakat, make sure the recipient is eligible. Some orphans have the wealth of their parents and they do not deserve zakat from you. If you do not reach the orphans by yourself. You can give zakat to the organization who have these types of children. Zakat is 2.5 % of your complete wealth, Gold, and Silver. You should give zakat in every lunar year. Allah Almighty will bless you wth more wealth.

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