Water Wells Project Completion

Water Wells Project Completion

Orphan Care is excited to share that our Water Wells project, aimed at tackling water scarcity in Pakistan, is now complete. This success was made possible through our partnership with the Taqwa Welfare Organization, highlighting the dedication of our team.

Helping the Khyber Region

In the Khyber region, over 150 families faced difficulties accessing clean water, often walking long distances to collect dirty stream water. We drilled boreholes into the mountains and found water at 700 feet. We installed a solar-powered filtration system and pump, bringing clean water closer to their homes.

Changing Lives and Communities

This project has made a big difference. Adults now have more time for work, and children can focus on their education. Health has improved as well, with fewer risks from drinking unclean water.

Our Commitment to Helping Others

Finishing the Water Wells project shows our commitment to social responsibility. We aim to empower communities, change lives, and ensure everyone has the right to clean water.

Thank You and Future Goals

We thank the local community and our partners at the Taqwa Welfare Organization for their support. As we celebrate this success, we remain dedicated to providing essential resources to those in need.

To learn more about this project and see a video of the construction process, visit our website. You can also find information on our other charitable projects there.


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