Orphan Care School Library

Orphan Care School Library

Orphan Care is happy to announce that we have successfully completed our ‘5,000 Books Project’. This important project aimed to collect and donate 5,000 books to the Taqwa School Library in Pakistan. Our goal was to help the children there get a great education and discover a love for learning.


We set a big goal to gather books on many subjects for children aged 5 to 12. Thanks to our generous donors, we collected a wide range of books on science, math, history, and literature.

Thanking Our Donors

We want to thank Sarah-Jane from Woodend Academy in Middlesex for her generous donation and support for the Taqwa School Library. These donations make learning fun and engaging for the orphans at the school. We also thank Julia from Robert Sutton School in Derby and Coldvale Primary in Leicester for their large donations of books. Their contributions have greatly increased the resources available to the students.

Thanks to Everyone

We deeply appreciate everyone who donated books to this project. Your efforts have made this project possible and have greatly improved the educational resources for these deserving children, opening up many new opportunities for them.

Achieving Our Goal

Completing the ‘5,000 Books Project’ is a big achievement for us in our mission to improve education and promote literacy. The new library at Taqwa School is now full of knowledge and stands as a symbol of hope for the children. Each book they read will help them learn and discover new things that can change their lives.

Looking Ahead

While we celebrate this success, we are committed to continuing our work to support communities and encourage a love for learning. We have many more projects to undertake and many lives to impact. We look forward to continuing this journey and are thankful to everyone who supports us along the way.


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