How Much Does an Orphan Cost

How Much Does an Orphan Cost

How Much Does an Orphan Cost? In Islam, taking care of orphans is highly appreciated and rewarded both in this world and the next. It is necessary to look after and support orphans because they are the children who need our help and love. By supporting and looking after orphans, we can help them in leading a successful life. The Holy Quran and the Sunnah also inform us about the significance of taking care of orphans.  The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “ Whoever takes in an orphan among the Muslims to raise, to feed him and give him drink, Allah admits him into Paradise without a doubt, unless he has done a sin for which he is not forgiven.”

How Much Does an Orphan Cost

However, it is very important to notice that taking care of an orphan cost comes with some financial costs. The cost of caring for an orphan depends on different factors like healthy food, housing, education and medical care. In this article, we’ll discuss the different factors of the cost of orphan care and get clear results about why investing in the well-being of orphaned children is important for society as a whole?

What things might we need to take care of an orphan child?

Understanding the financial cost of orphan care includes various expenses like (safe environment, education, healthcare services, etc).

Safe and stable living environment:

The basic need of taking care of an orphan is to provide a safe and stable living environment. This includes residential expenses such as a balanced diet, clothing along with shoes, health care and experienced teachers for religious education. Proper cleaning schedule is also essential for a safe and stable living environment.


Education is another important factor of orphan care that requires significant cost. It is necessary for an orphan child to get better education facilities. This includes school fees, seasonal uniforms, books and notebooks, and stationary material. Moreover, the arrangement of extracurricular activities like sports, debate programs and trips helps orphan children to build their personalities but also includes additional orphan costs.

Healthcare services:

Providing healthcare services are also essential for orphan children. This includes proper check-ups, vaccinations against different diseases, and better treatment for illnesses or injuries. Healthcare expenses may be high, especially for orphan children. It is important for every orphan child to have access to better healthcare facilities.

Emotional support And Counseling:

Beside all the primary necessities, another additional orphan cost associated with orphan care is to provide emotional support and counselling to orphaned children. Many orphaned children face different situations like trauma, loss, or abandonment, and may require support to address their emotional needs. Spending on counselling services and therapy sessions can help orphaned children to achieve a successful life.

Societal Benefits for Orphans:

There are uncountable societal benefits of taking care of orphan children but I would like to highlight some important benefits.

  • Spending on the well-being of orphaned children helps them to get better opportunities for a brighter future.
  • It also contributes to the overall welfare of society.
  • Adequate look after and support during their formative years helps orphan children to achieve  better success in academic, social, and economic fields in life.

Moreover, taking care of an orphan will help in reducing poverty from society.  Providing sustainable resources and opportunities to orphaned children helps them to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Caring for orphaned children is the responsibility of every individual in society. Every orphaned child has the right to grow up in a secure, friendly and supportive environment. Spending on orphan care helps in  uplifting  the fundamental rights of children.


Q. Why is it important to recognize the cost of an orphan child?

Because it highlights the financial resources needed to provide them with a nurturing and supportive environment.

Q. What is the benefit of caring for an orphan child?

Spending on orphan care will help us in providing opportunities for a brighter future as well as it also contributes to the welfare of the society.

Q. Can a single person afford the cost of an orphan child?

Yes a single person can afford the orphan cost of an child with proper planning and budgeting. With careful consideration and resource management, single individuals can provide love, stability, and opportunities for orphaned children.

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I would like to say that the financial cost of caring for orphans may be high, but  it is an essential investment for the betterment  of our society. Providing a safe, friendly and motivative environment with resources and opportunities to orphaned children helps them in better growth. Spending on orphan care is not just a financial commitment; it is an investment in hope, opportunity, and human dignity.

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