Charities That Help Orphans

Charities That Help Orphans

Millions of children around the world have lost their parents. This can make it hard for them to learn, make friends, and have a safe place to live. Some charities help these children by giving them food, a place to stay, and the support they need to grow up healthy and happy. Here I am going to tell you about some charities that help Orphans all around the World. You can also make your donations to

Charities That Help Orphans:

There are different ways to help kids who have lost their parents. Some charities focus on helping these children learn skills to take care of themselves later in life.

On the other hand, some build safe spaces for them to live and play in their communities. There are even charities that help families stay together so kids don’t lose their parents in the first place.

No matter how you want to help. There is a charity out there that does that kind of work. This passage is telling you to read more to find the charity that best fits what you care about.

Common things among all the best Charities helping orphans:

Now, it’s the turn to explain the common things among all the best charities help orphans. Learn these all things and provide your charity to these and they help the orphan children. So, let us come and learn the points that are given below:

  1. These charities were picked because they have clear goals, make a big impact, are transparent about their work, and have achieved notable success.
  2. Most of them are based in the US but work globally, especially helping vulnerable children.
  3. Many focus on help orphans by supporting families and communities or providing tools for self-sufficiency.
  4. Some use proven methods to help orphans succeed in social and academic aspects.
  5. Others aim to break the cycle of poverty and improve healthcare for marginalized groups.
  6. Despite their different approaches, they all share the common goal of ending the global orphan crisis.

5 Best Charities That Help Orphans:

Here are 5 best charities given below in the complete details. These are all well-known charities to help orphans. We all should know about these charities because we have to pay our charity and donations to them to help orphans.

The best charities for helping orphans are Zoe Empowers and Love Without Borders. Charities such as World Orphans and the Miracle Foundation work to identify and strengthen at-risk families to end the need for orphanages around the world.

Zoe Empowers:

Zoe Empowers started in 2004 to help kids during the HIV/AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe. Now, they assist orphaned children and young families in Africa and India, teaching them how to be independent.

Zoe Empowers gets 4 stars from Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Three-year program of Zoe-Empowers focuses on sustainable solutions to poverty. It is like teaching about nutrition and growing food for consistent meals. It also helps in finding stable housing and promoting healthcare and hygiene knowledge. They also train in business and finance, aiding in creating business plans for financial independence.

Since it started, Zoe Empowers has assisted over 174,570 needy children from 8 countries to become self-sufficient. Their model has shown success in ending poverty cycles: in a 2021 study, nearly all program graduates said they could help other vulnerable youth by offering jobs or support in their communities.

You can donate to Zoe Empowers on their website. If you want to get more involved, you can attend a Vision Trip or join a virtual trip with them.

Miracle Foundation:

Caroline Boudreaux started The Miracle Foundation in 2000 after seeing the poor conditions in an Indian orphanage. Now, they aim to eliminate the need for orphanages worldwide.

The Miracle Foundation has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

The Miracle Foundation helps orphans and foster children by finding them safe, permanent families. In the US, they stabilize placements for foster kids and support at-risk families to avoid separation. Globally, they reunite families by creating safe, permanent homes.

Miracle Foundation has become a global leader in eliminating the need for orphanages. It ensures children grow up in secure families. For instance, in 2022, they assisted over 178,900 children worldwide, including preventing 1,173 children from entering the system. They also supported over 5,682 families and reunited 443 children with their families

You can donate to the Miracle Foundation through their website. If you want to get more involved, you can join as a Miracle Villager or organize a fundraiser for them.

Love Without Borders:

Amy Eldridge founded Love Without Boundaries in 2003 after saving a critically ill orphan in China. Now, they offer healing, education, and support to vulnerable children worldwide, with a focus on orphans.

Love Without Boundaries has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Love Without Boundaries partners with local leaders to aid orphaned and impoverished kids worldwide. Additionally, their Foster Care Program in Cambodia, China, India, and Uganda connects orphans with foster families under close supervision.

Love Without Boundaries has assisted 80,000 orphans and vulnerable children. Assisted through education, nutrition, medical, and foster care initiatives. In 2022, they served 265,000 meals to school children. They trained 400 foster parents and officials on family-based care, conducted 1,188 medical procedures, including 122 cleft operations and 96 heart surgeries, and reunited 51 children with their families.

You can donate to Love Without Boundaries through their website. If you want to get more involved, you can sponsor a child or volunteer your time with them.

World Orphans:

World Orphans was established in 1993 by a group of friends driven by their faith to assist orphaned children in Nicaragua. Their current mission is centered around preserving families as a key solution to the global orphan crisis.

World Orphans has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

World Orphans works to prevent impoverished families from sending their children to orphanages. They have programs like Home Based Care that involve local churches in supporting at-risk families. They take a comprehensive approach to meet the physical, emotional, and financial needs of children and families. Such as providing secure housing, healthcare, education, and vocational training to single mothers affected by crises like the ISIS invasion in Iraq.

Since their establishment, World Orphans has prevented numerous children from becoming orphans by empowering and strengthening families. In 2021, their Home Based Care program preserved 572 families, benefiting 1,645 children and parents and averting the need for 55 orphanages. They also introduced the World Orphans Market, showcasing products made by program participants and generating $17,064 in profit directly supporting artisans and their families.

You can donate to World Orphans via their website. You can also get involved by becoming an Empowerment Partner or by supporting a missionary.


UNICEF was established in 1946 by the U.N. Relief and Rehabilitation Administration to aid children affected by World War II. Today, they are one of the largest global social welfare organizations, providing support to millions of vulnerable children, including orphans.

UNICEF has a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator and a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

UNICEF supports orphans by collaborating with governments to create programs that reduce unnecessary separation of families and children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they guided to protect children in alternative care.

They also partner with the World Bank for global statistics and to enhance programs like universal child benefits. Furthermore, UNICEF offers direct aid through healthcare, nutrition, and education projects for vulnerable children.

You can donate to UNICEF directly on their website. Another way to help is by purchasing items from their online shop or volunteering your time with them.

How Can You Select the Best Charities to Support?

Here is how can you select the best charities to support. This means there are points on which you can depend and come to know about them.

Visit the charity’s website:

Look for transparency in their mission, history, and financial figures. Understanding their values and goals is important before donating the charity.

Clarify the charity’s mission:

A clear mission shows the charity’s commitment and focus. If it is not evident, consider looking for a charity with a defined purpose.

Check for measurable goals:

Effective charities set clear targets and provide evidence of their impact. Make sure your donation contributes to achieving these goals.

Assess past successes:

Look into the charity’s track record in achieving its goals. Consistent progress indicates effectiveness in making a positive change.

Review financials and statistics:

Trustworthy charities disclose financial statements and reports. Check these to ensure accountability and responsible use of funds.

Seek feedback from beneficiaries:

Word of mouth and firsthand experiences offer valuable insights into a charity’s quality. Connect with individuals who have worked with or benefited from the charity to verify its impact.


What is an orphan charity?

The Orphan Charity Foundation is a caring organization that helps orphans, especially those affected by terrorism. It was started on March 4th, 2007, following a suggestion from Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Sai’d Al-Hakim and with his office’s direct support.

How to support an orphan?

  1. Pray for an Orphan.
  2. Send a Box of Love to Orphans.
  3. Share Their Story.
  4. Become a Host Family.
  5. Help Families Stay Together.
  6. Give Your Financial Support.
  7. Sponsor A Family Ready To Adopt.
  8. Consider Foster Care
  9. Give the greatest gift
  10. Your legacy: Change the orphan’s life

How can we help local orphans?

You can help local orphans by donating to reputable orphanages or charities, volunteering your time to mentor or support them, and advocating for policies that protect their rights and provide them with essential services.

Which Islamic charity has a 100% donation policy?

One Islamic charity known for its 100% donation policy is Islamic Relief USA. It is for this reason Ummah Welfare Trust runs a 100% donations policy. They state that 100% of donations go directly to their programs and services, with administrative costs covered separately. However, it’s always good to verify this information directly with the charity before making donations.

What is the biggest charity in Islam?

Zakat is the money that Muslims who can afford it must give to help people in need. If a Muslim has more money than a certain amount, they should give 2.5% of it as Zakat, except for those who can’t afford it.


Here are the five most important and well-known charities that help orphans. Giving charity is considered the way to get the greatest blessing from Allah Almighty. Allah will bless you with more and more if you pay Zakat or give charity to the orphans. The above article contains enough information for you to understand the priorities easily.

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